It is part of being human to describe, model and map Reality. From physics and mathematics to philosophy, religion and spirituality. The more accurate our models the better we are able to affect Reality. Scientists have used the scientific method to prove the truth of their models and this has resulted in computers and rockets. …

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Everyday mind

We are so used to experiencing a world of space, time and distance that this is the way we may think about meditation and working with energetics, like with the Kabbalah. We think of drawing the Light down from above us or energies from the earth steaming into our body from below. We may think …

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Kabbalah: Q & A

What is the Kabbalah all about? For me, the essence of Kabbalah is creating a posture or attitude within oneself of receptivity to Divinity. Kabbalah means “to receive” in the context of an oral tradition. I believe the deeper meaning of the word is this openness to receive the Ain Soph Or, Limitless Light. There …

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