Everyday mind

We are so used to experiencing a world of space, time and distance that this is the way we may think about meditation and working with energetics, like with the Kabbalah. We think of drawing the Light down from above us or energies from the earth steaming into our body from below. We may think of invoking Angels from a spiritual realm or connecting to masters “on” the astral realm. Words like “as above so below” are meaningful to the every day mind. “Within” or “heaven above”. Even, the meridians in the body or lay lines on the earth exist in space and time from the perspective of the everyday mind.

With the experiences altered states of consciousness bring, the description of reality changes. Words like opening, unfolding, attunement and emergence become more meaningful, though still bound to 3D space. “As above so below” could be “the universe is holographic”. From states of clearer and more unveiled consciousness, we are immersed in fields of limitless energy or light. We do not draw the light into us from above, we open and attune ourselves some something that is already there and has always been there. A lay line between 2 places on earth is due to resonances in consciousness that we perceive spatially as “lines of light”.

Language has developed and evolved from our spatial existence in the physical world. It is difficult to describe these more opened and expansive states of consciousness without employing 3D words and descriptions. For practical purposes we attempt to use language to describe them, so we get descriptions like “a chakra unfolds like a lotus flower”. Perhaps we could rather say it is activated? As physics and engineering advance, we will probably start using more accurate words. Words such as entrainment (physics) and resonance. It is not wrong or inaccurate to speak of energy in terms of space, though there is a “deeper” description based on consciousness-fields.


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