It is part of being human to describe, model and map Reality. From physics and mathematics to philosophy, religion and spirituality. The more accurate our models the better we are able to affect Reality. Scientists have used the scientific method to prove the truth of their models and this has resulted in computers and rockets.

It is not as clear with spiritual models unfortunately and it takes practice and commitment to a method (like Yoga or awareness meditation) to prove its subjective efficacy. Embedded as we are in our family and community systems, our loyalities often keep us bound to external sources of “truth” that describe Reality for us. It takes a lot of bravery to risk rejection from your circle and to move into congruence with your own Inner Knowing. It is from Inner Knowing that we should map Reality from.

At the beginning of my research and practice of meditation, I read everything I could and did every spiritual workshop in town. I learned how to speak the language of spirituality and to guide many different types of meditation. More than 20 years on, this has changed. I now believe that lingo and jargon separate us from each other, they have made many people believe that spirituality is too strange for them and out of their reach. Or they have elevated the speaker and created gurus and followers. In fact, the truth is the complete opposite: our nature is profoundly physical and profoundly spiritual, we are inseparable parts of the expansive Whole. Fancy words and religious traditions have misled us.

Experiences of the stillness in meditation collapses many of the models and beliefs that have developed in us from early childhood or that are imposed from without. With repeated exposure to the stillness it generates an energy that brings about transformation of every part of you. It is from here that we need to live our lives. In the stillness is the power to magic-ificate everything.

You, dear reader, at your core are fashioned out of the Limitless.









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