Meditation and Family Constellations

Family Constellations called me to it. My exposure to the method began many years ago in South Africa, in part due to my quest for physical healing and in part due to my need know in a way deeper than doctrine and ideology, information and books. I learned meditation, yoga and Kabbalah in my own quest for healing the body of a muscle condition that has brought me to a wheelchair.

My physical weakness has kept me present with my own body and I believe present with the difficulties others may be experiencing in their own system. Beyond empathy, it feels as if the inner strategy I have learned to process my own hardship can be extended to help others through theirs. It is a matter of energy and the flow of love in a system, to hold difficult experiences and allow them just to be there.

I believe, the sensitivity and body awareness the practice of meditation has cultivated within me have largely influenced the manner in which I facilitate a constellation: by stepping into the Knowing Field and opening myself up to its guidance – first and foremost. Yes, my training in Systems Constellations, the healing sentences and other interventions we learned are also of utmost importance, but in this way of working, they act as guidelines.

Acting in a way which is in alignment with the Knowing Field does take trust in one’s own intuition which manifest as pleasant or unpleasant sensations in the body – this takes practice and dedication to meditation practices. Fortunately, the representatives comments to my suggestions are a welcome check to this more intuitive way of working. Once such an intervention has been successfully used in a Constellation, the flow of love and energy is palpable. What a sacred process, what a privilege to be a witness to it!

In addition to sensitivity, the ongoing practice of meditation fosters a sense of allowing pleasant or unpleasant sensations just to be there in your body. You also learn to allow whatever thoughts you have to be there without resisting them in any way. Pushing away unpleasant feelings and holding on to pleasant ones is a ingrained habit of the mind which meditation addresses. As a facilitator (or human being), undoing this habit has implications when working in the Knowing Field of a client. It increase our capacity to witness what “is” in a client’s System and to hold it. After all, it is largely exclusion that has lead to the entanglements.

Hellinger said that his work with Family Constellations has taught him that there is no “good” and “evil’, only good and evil actions. Meditations develops this ability to be present with what the world calls good and evil and to allow the healing intervention to reveal itself, if at all. Sometimes the presence and holding is enough. This inner attitude of allowing brings us to the point where we can see and acknowledge that which has been excluded in a System.

Inclusion is the central theme in the work of Systems Constellations, and by guiding people in meditation practices, it is my hope that healing and love will continue to flow, entanglements to be worked out and balance restored.


An interview with Bert Hellinger.


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