Cycles of life

This is an ambitious article, it is broad and sweeping and some may say generalising. Yet, it is my hope that, since it starts with us, consciousness and our very cells, it will find an intuitive response inside of you. The idea started with observing myself. With meditation and experimentation in consciousness. With the big …

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This is a beautifully written article by Tanja Meyburgh of African Constellations. Tanja is a very experienced constellations facilitator and psychologist. There are some powerful healing sentences at the end of the article that I encourage you to use. One possible method is to visualise each ancestor starting with your mother, then father, then grandmother …

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Today I have the audacity to comment on thousands of years of doctrine and tradition. This commentary has been building up within me for many years and reached exasperation point halfway through watching a documentary on yoga. The part that tipped me was a group of yogis that spend their days swing rocks from or …

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