• One-on-one Systems and Family Constellations – Zoom session available
  • Systems, Family and Inner Parts Constellations (registered with SCASA)
  • Certified counsellor (UNISA)
  • Kriya yoga
  • Mindfulness
  • Kabbalah

If any of these subjects interest you, contact me.  


Family and Systems Constellations

A System is a group of people or element in relationship and with purpose or function. Your family is a System, your work environment is a System. My approach to Systems is guided by the Knowing Field and what the Field has prioritised.

I like to name and describe what surfaces in you and your system (community, group etc) during the session and simply be Present with what is. We will name events, emotions, parts of you, ancestors – even beliefs.  In this way you and I will work as a team and your Field will guide us to a place of spaciousness and release. Is is Presence that heals and creates movement for change.


In early 2000 I experienced my first family constellation and I have been facilitating Systems and Inner-Parts Constellations workshops since 2015. 

A number of trainers have influenced me: Guni Baxa, Stephan Hausner, Francesca Mason-Boring, Tanja Meyburgh, Karin Huyssen and others.

Along with Constellations, I trained with Ivan Kaplan and certified in his integral method of teaching and experiencing mindfulness meditation, Kriya Yoga, Kabbalah and other techniques. I run the occasional Kriya Yoga workshops from my home in Pretoria.

Jacobus Swart was a big support in Practical Kabbalah studies and an enthusiastic group get together for Kabbalah meditation on a regular basis. 

Along with friend and colleague Tanja Meyburgh, I co-founded REAL Academy (click here) – a learning platform for Systems Constellations and online workshops.

I am in a wheelchair and am passionate in sharing what has helped me.

You can join remotely for constellations or attend kabbalah-meditations via zoom.

I live in Hermannsburg, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa with my wife, son, 2 dogs, 1 cat and more than 30 chickens.