After a constellation

In all constellation work, the onus is on the Facilitator to make sure that a client is well resourced after the workshop. The impact a constellation has can be quite profound on an individual and they may need to discuss the process with the facilitator afterwards or with a therapist if they go into overwhelm.

This is especially true with an Inner Parts constellation as there may be mental and emotional content within a client that they have either not been aware of or has been unconscious for a long period of time. Integration is necessary.

Perhaps paradoxically, I advise the client to not discuss their constellation with others for a week or two and to rather let the content and image of their process find its own integration. Again, this is a guideline and not a rule. If there is overwhelm, the client should seek help from either you or a therapist they trust. This is the reason why these resources need to be identified before or after the client’s constellation.

I believe this is the reason Constellation has gone into disrepute with some individuals and sometimes labelled as dangerous: there is no adequate after workshop support for the client and the impact the constellation may have on a person is not discussed by the Facilitator. It is not responsible and I believe unethical of the Facilitator to hold a workshop and then disappear without arranging some form after constellation resourcing.

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